1.4 Research your competitors

Analyze the accounts of popular cats with lots of followers – especially the accounts of the cats that are similar to your cat. Do this in order to understand what users like and what publications they respond to the most. You need to conduct this kind of analysis to create and publish similar posts.

Note the following:

  • How the main part of the content is represented. What the owner of the account emphasizes: the nose, eyes, hair, accessories, etc.
  • How often the person posts
  • What captions they choose
  • What publications the followers respond to better. Which publications get the most likes and comments

Here are some examples of several well-known accounts.

Pay attention to the different ways the users represent their content:

1. Sky the cat https://www.instagram.com/sky_the_ragdoll/ is almost always shown as a whole, as its fur creates the impression of a smoky cloud in the sky.

2. Tuna the dog https://www.instagram.com/tunameltsmyheart/ is famous for her malocclusion – most of the photos show only the dog's muzzle and its strange teeth.

3. Maru the cat https://www.instagram.com/maruhanamogu/ is known as a lover of boxes – the cat is shown mostly in the boxes, from lots of different angles. The main theme is "cat in a box."

Having analyzed the accounts of popular cats, you can learn a lot of useful information: what photos the followers like more, how frequently the users post and what type of content they post..

Take out the practical benefits for yourself and your cat, and examine the number of comments to posts of popular cats. Observe and analyze the posts – which ones received the most likes and comments? Try to determine how they differ from the other posts on that account.

What exactly do the users like?

This information can help you to create similar posts. I also learned a lot of useful information about nutrition of bengals and caring for them from comments on Instagram!

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